Gold Filled Info
Gold Filled Info

Annika Inez is an artist living and working in New York City.The provocative edge of the city, along with her Scandinavian upbringing, make up the foundation of her inspirations.


Annika’s designs are not only a reflection of the art and music she consumes but are also heavily inspired by her 20th century muses in the arts.


Her eponymous jewelry collection was founded in 2000 and quickly became known for its intelligent and conceptual designs that interact with and conform to the body. Each piece of jewelry funnels Annika’s treasured visual memories and moments, carrying the very essence of her inspirations in their designs.

Annika Inez timeless and strong yet fluid jewelry is worn by a multitude of different characters and personalities, each evolving and blending it into their own form of self-expression.

Annika Inez Jewelry is hand crafted locally in NYC, working with individual artisans and jewelers.


Each collection is made with recycled and ethically sourced Sterling Silver, 14K and 14K gold filled from US factories.